ProtectaKote is a unique polyurethane coating, which is easy-to apply, durable and non-slip. ProtectaKote can be applied to vehicles, boats, ramps and walkways or any other application where an attractive, tough, anti-slip finish is required. ProtectaKote can be easily applied using a brush, foam roller or spray gun. ProtectaKote is available in a range of colours including: Black, Grey, Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, White & Transparent.
(The UVR version contains special pigmentation to reduce any colour changes that may occur under ultraviolet light and also improve the life of the product.)
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Surface Preparation:
All surfaces must be sound, dry and free of grease and oil.
Because substrates differ a test application is advisable to determine adhesion. Metcote primer will assist adhesion in many situations. Also consider the use of ProtectaKote 2K Metal Primer, a twin pack epoxy acid etch primer.
New Concrete:
For best results new concrete should be fully cured for at least 28 days, have a brush finish and be hand trowelled (power floating may overwork the concrete). Clean concrete with an acid wash to manufacturers specifications and rinse thoroughly with fresh water to remove residue.

Old Concrete:
Use acid wash, agitate solution on surface with a hard bristled brush, rinse off with fresh water and allow to dry completely

Sealed Concrete:
Clean surface thoroughly, remove all loose and flaky patches, abrade surface to give a key and clean surface again to remove dust.
Should delamination occur on sealed concrete the sealing compound must be removed by mechanical means i.e. Shot blasting

In all above cases, wipe over with Xylene or Acetone prior to application of ProtectaKote

Please note damp or new concrete can be sealed with Duraprime.
Prime surface with a mineral spirit or water based driveway sealer according to manufacturers specification.
ProtectaKote can then be applied.
Abrade to obtain rough surface, may or may not require additional primer. Test patch recommended. Use a good etch primer such as Metcote if needed. Wipe with Xylene or Acetone prior to application of ProtectaKote
Smooth metal should be cleaned, aggressively abraded and primed to manufacturers specifications. ProtectaKote adheres well to sound painted metal. Most rough metal surfaces need not be primed, however, on applications of extreme wear such as step nosings a primer such as Metcote is recommended.
Galvanised metals should be pretreated prior to application of ProtectaKote and Metcote is a suitable etch primer for such surfaces.
Surface must be abraded using a medium grade sandpaper Remove dust before applying ProtectaKote
Note: Applying ProtectaKote to hardwoods containing resin or natural oils may cause ProtectaKote to lift. Apply DURAPRIME or an epoxy primer prior to application of ProtectaKote. A test patch is advised.
Paint & Varnishes:
Remove all peeling, cracking or chipped paint. Clean surface and lightly abrade Wipe with Xylene or Acetone immediately before applying ProtectaKote.
Clean well using detergent or cleaning solvent. Remove all surface release agents Rinse well and allow to dry. Abrade surface, wipe with Xylene or Acetone and apply ProtectaKote
Good adhesion can be obtained on unweathered gel-coated glass. Rough fibre side moulded glass and smooth mould resin-side glass. Surface should be free of release agent, waxes and other product additives then sanded to remove gloss giving a rough surface. Wipe with Xylene or Acetone prior to application of ProtectaKote
ProtectaKote Application:
Ensure that surfaces have been prepared properly and areas not to be coated have been masked off Remove masking tape after application of second coat. Add Accelerator to can; see note Curing Times. Stir can vigorously before use to obtain a consistent soup-like texture. Your ProtectaKote is now ready to use

-- Product should be applied in two or three thin coats to prevent 'mudcracking'.
Intercoat time approximately 1 hour depending upon ambient conditions (touch dry).
-- Remove all product from areas not to be coated immediately with Xylene or Acetone. Once cured ProtectaKote is very hard to remove. We recommend the use of a suitable protective clothing i.e. latex gloves and overalls.
-- Application temperature 0'C to 30'C.
-- Service temperature -50 to 140'C
This is the easiest form of application and provides a rougher texture with greater anti-slip characteristics.
Product should be applied with a 7 inch stipple/textured roller available from your local stockist or agent. Rollers can also be obtained from builders merchants, where they are referred to as 'Artex Rollers'.
Apply the first coat as a thin coat to cover. When tacky or touch dry (usually within one hour) apply the second coat
To avoid mud cracking, do not apply ProtectaKote too thickly. Inter coat times can vary depending on climatic conditions.
Apply product below 25'C
Product should be 'laid' on the surface with a brush. Do not brush backwards and forwards as with other paints.
Allow approximately 1 hour between coats or until first coat is touch dry depending on ambient conditions.
Second or subsequent coats should be applied at right angles to the previous coat.
Do not apply product below 10'C.
Screw spray gun nozzle directly onto can and attach airline Product can be sprayed between 3 and 5 bar dependant on size of nozzle of gun and desired finish of coating
Product should be applied in thin coats to prevent drips and pools from developing or 'mudcracking' during drying.
Allow approximately 20 minutes to 1 hour between coats or until first coat is touch dry depending on ambient conditions.
Curing Time:
Drying time is dependent upon ambient conditions; however, product should cure within 2 - 4 hours without the use of accelerator. After this time surface should be touch dry; however, light traffic should be allowed after 12 hours and product will achieve full cure/strength and chemical resistance in 4 - 7 days. Under normal circumstances coating can be put to use after 24 hours.

Accelerator can be used when there is a low atmospheric temperature or when shorter curing times are required. This product should be added to the tin of coating just prior to application and should be stirred in well.
(Do not use accelerator sachets with any of the UVR products)
Overcoating and Repair:
ProtectaKote can easily be repaired or overcoated. The old surface should be well cleaned to remove dirt and grease and then be abraded by wire brush or sandpaper.
Then re-apply new coating. Any areas of repair should be cut out using a Stanley knife and the edges feathered back in using a suitable means of abrasion. ProtectaKote can then be patch repaired.
Cleaning Solvent:
ProtectaKote can only be diluted or cleaned up with Xylene. Using alcohol based lacquer thinners will prevent ProtectaKote from curing properly and should not be substituted in place of Xylene.
12 months shelf life
Cool dry place below 25'C
NEVER use lacquer thinners to clean surfaces or equipment or to dilute product
Do no apply to bare metal without an appropriate primer; see aforementioned notes.
Remove any overspray or splashes immediately. Product is very difficult to remove once cured/dry.
Once opened use product within three hours or replace lid and store container upside down if product needs to be left any longer.
In a wet state product is flammable. Ensure good ventilation. Solvents are released during spraying, observe all fire precautions.
Wear breathing mask, goggles, rubber gloves and protective clothing. Work in a well ventilated environment.
Protect from moisture and do not expose to temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius.