Orders for the self adhesive anti-slip tapes are kept separate from the orders for the paint-on products as shipping can be cheaper and is much easier.
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Anti-slip Tape

These are not substitutes for anti-slip paints (eg. ProtectaKote) but are designed for areas that require a different approach.
There may be places where only anti-slip strips are required, such as on stair treads nosings, or where standard paint products suffer adhesion difficulties.
They are unique in their durability, competitive pricing and their range of colours, textures and available widths.
Standard Tapes:
There is a variety of colours and widths available. Standard colours are: Black, Yellow, Blue, Brown, Green, White, Red, Grey & Clear  Combining non-slip properties with colour coding means that these tapes are perfect for play areas, schools, nurseries and hospitals, and also ideal for marking aisles and hazards. And they are easy to apply, simply cut to required length, peel off backing and apply to a smooth, clean and dry surface - use indoors and out. It can be used in most situations such as doorways, entrances, exercise equipment, ladders, machinery, platforms, porches, ramps, scaffolding, steps, walkways and ramps.
Standard widths are: 25mm, 50mm, 100mm & 150mm
Self-adhesive anti-slip tapes are available in a range of grades too, including aquasafe and glow in the dark green (luminous) for exits etc., as well as hazard marking tapes.
Standard Coarse
The black coarse anti-slip tape offers all of the advantages of the standard tape with the added advantage of a larger size of grit which provides a stronger grip, between foot and floor. Available in black and yellow.
Standard extra coarse:
Currently only available only in black.
Hazard tapes
Hard wearing, highly visible anti slip tape with contrasting colours that call attention to hazardous machinery, work areas or stairs. Available as black/yellow and red/white.
The marine range has a unique coating to ensure an effective antislip surface yet has a smoother surface for walking bare foot on and less abrasion to prevent damage to wet suits. The product is ideal for any wet area.
Aquasafe tapes are suitable for almost any situation where water can be a slipping hazard.
Ideal for use in wet and barefoot areas, e.g. baths, boats, changing rooms, hospitals, nursing homes, showers, around swimming pools and in food safety areas.
Available in three popular colours: black, clear & white.
Conforming anti-slip tape is a great solution to slipping hazards on uneven surfaces. Aluminium backed, with a strong adhesive, this ensures a strong and permanent bond. It can be used on any clean uneven, irregular surface and can be hammered into shape for a perfect fit. Can be used on factory walkways, ladders, construction equipment, trucks, ships and railways. Available in black and yellow.
Glow in the dark:
Glow in the dark tape is suitable for any safety application where no lighting is available, or used in conjunction with emergency lighting. It has a strong, permanent adhesive backing and gritted surface, to prevent slipping. Provides excellent photo luminescent capability and can be recharged by natural or artificial light. Highlights route in event of power failure and can be used throughout your premises to mark out edges of stairs or safe walkways and direct personnel safely along emergency routes during a power failure.
Available in luminous green either as plain or as a hazard tape with black diagonals.

The anti-slip tape performs best when used in conjunction with the edge fix and primer. Both add increased life expectancy to the products and are custom formulated for the material.
The primer is ideal for use for on porous surfaces (wood, concrete, stone etc) it prevents any water attacking the adhesive from underneath. The primer helps in all situations and helps create better bond for the anti slip tape in difficult areas. The tins are 1 litre in size covering 5sq m of tape, simply brush on. NOT TO BE USED WITH THE AQUASAFE!
Edge fix:
Edge fix is used down the leading edges of our anti slip tape to prevent any of the edges being kicked up, one 70ml tube will cover at least 17 linear metres of tape edges. For larger scale users we can supply in larger drums for use with air powered pressure pots, please enquire. NOT TO BE USED WITH THE AQUASAFE!


For best results follow the instructions below to ensure maximum performance in all
1) Material Storage
Ensure the material is kept in dry, warm conditions in the original protective packaging.
2) Surface Preparation
A clean, dry surface is essential. Use an IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) cleaner to remove all surface contaminants (paint flakes, etc).  DO NOT use methylated spirits/petrol/lighter fluid etc as these leave behind a thin, greasy residue. Ensure prepared surface is above 10'C.
3) Porous Surface Sealing
Porous surfaces must be sealed prior to application to prevent water attacking the adhesive. Toluene based primers are ideal - we supply a product for this job. Apply a thin coat to the cleaned surface using a paint brush, then leave to dry. (Do not use the primer with Aquasafe tape.)
4) Tape Application
Cut tape to the required dimensions. Peel back part of the release liner then press the adhesive firmly onto the prepared surface, and slowly keep peeling back the liner while applying the tape. Try to ensure that the tape is not taut.
5) Finish!
Once applied, press tape down firmly using even pressure (decorating rollers are excellent for this). We recommend sealing the edges using 'edge fix' as this will extend the life of the product. Only use a small amount down the edges, a thin bead.
If correctly applied, the new anti-slip surface can be walked on straight away, though you will get maximum benefit from the adhesive system after 48 hours. (Do not use edge fix with the Aquasafe tape.) top